MotionSense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet for Chef
MotionSense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet for Cooking

Kitchen Ideas: 4 Ways Motion Sensing Faucets Make You a Better Chef

Master chefs are known for their tools and creative kitchen ideas. Whether it's a secret ingredient, a particular stove, utensil or saucepan, there's always something that gives a great cook an edge. Attaching a sleek, hands-free faucet to your kitchen sink can provide a gourmet touch for those who like to prepare restaurant-quality meals at home. Here are four reasons to add a motion-sensing faucet to your list of kitchen remodeling ideas:

MotionSense faucets for chefs and cooking

1. Clean and wash your vegetables in one step

Whether you're cutting carrots or shucking corn, do it in sight of the motion sensor to get a steady stream of water for washing your veggies as you prepare them. Pull them away when clean to drop in a boiling pot and your faucet turns off automatically. No waste, just results.

Clean and wash your vegetables in one step

2. Start your saucepans while filling pots to boil

Moen's hands-free faucets generally have two sensors: one towards the base for when your hands are in the sink and another at the top. Wave your hand over the top sensor to start filling a pot and then start your saucepans. Wave your hand again and the water stops. It's a small improvement, yes, but in a busy kitchen, every bit of efficiency matters.

Start your saucepans while filling pots to boil

4. Start cleaning while you cook

Dishes pile up as ingredients become meals and make their way to the stove or the oven. A quick wave of your dirty hands over the faucet can help you get started cleaning. Pull the Reflex retracting hose and start rinsing, filing as many into the dishwasher as you can before the stove timer demands your undivided attention.

Clean while you cook with Reflex faucets