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At Moen, we believe that every drop of water matters. See how you can save water effortlessly, reduce your water bill, and enjoy water even more with our Eco-Performance and water-efficient products.

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Eco-Performance Products

All of our Eco-Performance products meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense® criteria for efficiency and performance. Explore products that will help you save water with exceptional performance and style.
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What is WaterSense?

The EPA created the WaterSense program to promote water efficiency and help conserve water for future generations. If you’re looking for products designed to help you save water throughout your home, just look for the WaterSense label.
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Water Efficient Products

From Smart Faucets to water filtration and water security, we’ve created innovative products that maximize performance while minimizing waste.
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By creating products that save water effortlessly while improving how you experience it, we're making your interactions with water even more meaningful. Discover how you can help us protect Earth's most precious resource.