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Performance You Can Trust, Above the Sink and Below: Moen’s Complete Line of Garbage Disposals

Look no further than below the kitchen sink for one of the toughest tools in our homes: the garbage disposal. Moen – the #1 faucet brand in North America – is now introducing a line of garbage disposals in Canada, delivering trusted performance above the sink and below.

Say Hello to Your New Kitchen Assistant: The U by Moen™ Smart Faucet

You walk into the kitchen to prepare a baby bottle but your hands are already full holding your little one. With just a few words, your faucet provides the perfect amount and temperature of water – no more balancing act. Later, you’re rushing to get dinner prepared but with a simple command, your pasta pot is being filled with exactly three litres of hot water while you chop veggies – no more multitasking blunders. Whatever your daily challenges may be, Moen, the leader in water experiences in the home, can help you conquer them by delivering personalized and intelligent products for the hardest working area of your house. The U by Moen™ Smart Faucet offers convenience, precision and intuitive voice-activation technology to help complete tasks in the kitchen.

Easily Transform Your Daily Shower into a Spa-Like Ritual – Introducing Nebia by Moen™

Imagine this: you step in the shower and a billowing spray of warm water instantly soaks you from head to toe. Worries of the day dissolve as the water envelops you and the feeling of relaxation takes over. You feel refreshed, revived and ready. After showering, you dry off without an ounce of guilt because you know you just made the most of every drop of water.

Experience Pure Relaxation with the New Moen® Aromatherapy Handshower

Whether you’re fresh off a workout or feeling stressed from work, the best way to wash away the day is with a luxurious shower. Moen, the leader in water experiences in the home, is giving consumers the opportunity to enhance their “me” time with the new Moen® Aromatherapy Handshowers with INLY™ Technology.

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If you don't like to cook after a long day at the office, or if sweating over a hot stove after a day spent running around after the kids sounds unappealing, you're not alone. According to a poll of nutritionists, 43 percent of Canadians don't cook balanced meals on a regular basis -- likely because cooking can be a real chore. Whether it's an explosion in the oven, a major spill on the floor, or a ruined dessert at the last minute, we all have our "hot" buttons in the kitchen. Here are a few insights into common cooking pet peeves, plus some helpful hints for making time in the kitchen a bit more enjoyable.


We're all busy these days, especially when it comes to tackling household tasks, and finding the time to check off every "to-do" on our list can be a challenge. Enter the art of multitasking. A recent Moen survey, conducted online by Harris Poll, found that 85% of Canadian adults feel confident in their ability to tackle two tasks at the same time. It's easy to become a master at multitasking just by following a few easy guidelines.


Cooler temperatures are on the way, and that means it's time to tackle the indoor tasks you've been putting off. As the colder seasons approach you'll likely be spending more time inside, so get your home in tip-top shape with these easy tips and fall in love with it all over again.


We're touched by water numerous times throughout our day. And whether it's showering, cooking or slipping into a relaxing bath -- did you ever stop and think about the inspiration behind the fixtures that deliver water to you? If it's one developed by Moen, the number one faucet brand in North America, it's likely that a team of associates spent more than 2,500 hours to create this beautiful and reliable product that we depend on every day.

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