Your Kitchen is Your Command Center

Prepping for spaghetti night. Bathing the baby. Watering the plants. It should come as no surprise that you spend more active time in the kitchen than any other room in the house. And from selecting a finish to starting installation, there are plenty of things for you to consider when choosing your next kitchen faucet.

5.6 hours in the kitchen to 1 hour in the living room

For every hour spent in the living room, the average American spends more than 5 hours in the kitchen.*

Get Smart About Arcs

Have you ever shimmied a large pasta pot under a low spout or had your window view interrupted by a high spout? If so, then you understand how important it is to have a faucet that's just the right height.

Which Arc Fits You Best?

I often fill and clean large pots.
I have low hanging cabinets or a window that could restrict the height of my faucet.

High Arc

8-10 inches above sink plane

Budding foodies and culinary pros have met their match with high arc faucets that provide more workspace over the sink.

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Low Arc

3-8 inches above sink plane

If you're looking for a streamlined option that keeps a lower profile, a mid or low arc faucet could fit into your kitchen plan.

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What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve in the Kitchen?

We asked around and here's what people like you had to say about everyday kitchen behaviors.

Keep Everything in Reach

Whether you're rinsing down the corners of your sink or cleaning fresh veggies from the garden, a faucet with the right sprayer helps make quick work of your kitchen tasks.

Do You Know the Hole Story?

What looks like handles and a spout on the outside can turn out to be something else entirely under the sink. Make sure you know how many holes are in your sink or counter before picking your faucet.

Choose your configuration:

One Hole Two Hole Three Hole Four Hole

One Hole

An increasingly more common option, one hole faucets deliver a simple and clean look

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Two Hole

Second hole included for a side spray or lotion dispenser, or sometimes a separate handle

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Three Hole

Most common in older kitchens built to accommodate traditional faucets with separate hot and cold or two handle faucets

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Four Hole

Accommodates traditional two handle faucets plus room for an accessory such as a side spray or lotion bottle

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What's Your Style

Your style is one of a kind, but it can be tough to translate at the sink. Luckily, there are a variety of faucet designs available that can help you capture your essence and express it in your kitchen.


One Final Accent

One key detail can make all the difference, so be sure you understand all the finish options available.

Brushed Chrome
Polished Nickel
Spot Resist Stainless
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Mediterranean Bronze
Matte Black
Wrought Iron

Finish Strong

Tie the Room Together

Lotion & Soap Dispensers

These final touches can help complete your sink-scape while adding an extra level of convenience in your kitchen.

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Pulls & Knobs

Match your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls to your other fixtures to create a coordinated look that covers the entire kitchen.

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The Moen Story

See how Moen's customer-focused philosophy began by taking a common problem and designing an extraordinary solution.

What if Everything Put Itself Away?

In a world where most things don't put themselves away, Reflex®extends to help with everyday kitchen tasks, then retracts automatically.