Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation Tips

You know the global benefits of conserving energy and water - including saving on your own costs. But maybe you're not sure where to start. Here are a few ways to embrace earth-friendly practices in your own home and routine.

Remember, even the smallest steps help make a difference.

1. Upgrade to green

With new government standards and technology, modern faucets are more efficient than ever. Saving up to 32% on your water usage, WaterSense certified faucets make going green practically effortless.

2. Look, no hands

Homeowners waste gallons of water everyday by leaving their sink faucets running, but with hands-free electronic faucets you will ensure water is used only when needed.

3. On-demand hot water

Tank-less water heaters offer a great way to cut home energy costs without impacting performance. By flash heating water and eliminating tank-water heaters' long cycles you can cut your energy use by 20%.

4. Optimal clean

Flow optimized shower heads can help further reduce water usage in the bathroom. With a 1.75 gpm, versus the industry standard of 2.5, cutting water consumption and energy costs by up to 30%.

5. Cost effective green

A quick, first step toward going green, flow optimized aerators can add highly effective performance to older faucets with out much cost to you. 

6. Ditch the bottle

Avoid the need of plastic bottles with water filtering faucets. You will save both your wallet from the cost of purchasing bottled water and help unclog waste disposal sites of these increasingly hazardous items. 

7. Keep water in check

It's important to check all water-using products regularly. With the bathroom accounting for roughly 60% of a home's water usage, a leaky toilet or faucet can waste thousands of gallons a year without you knowing it.