Green Remodeling Flatlay

Green Remodeling

1. Green Illumination

Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) offer a great, eco-conscious way to shed light on your newly remodeled spaces, and by using 75% less energy and having a longer life, the cost benefits outweigh the initial price.

2. Eco-friendly wall to wall

Water-based and low VOC paints take away the environmental hazards usually associated with painting, leaving your walls matter what color you choose.

3. Close the curtain on plastic

New hemp shower curtains eliminate the need for plastic-lined fabric options cutting PVC usage. In addition, hemp options are also mildew resistant, meaning you won't need to continually replace it.

4. Smart storage

When it comes to cabinetry in the kitchen and bath, look for certified eco-friendly wood to ensure these products were not made from the rainforest or other endangered woods.

5. Naturally green

Materials like Zodiac® quartz and ceramic tiles are safe alternatives to granite and artificial materials for kitchen and bath countertops.

6. Healthy flooring

Bamboo is a smart, wood-like option for flooring, and because it requires no replanting and little fertilization or peticides, it is a healthy alternative to traditional hard-wood floors.