From simple single-head showers to custom showers featuring multiple outlets, valves are a critical component to any shower application.

This section is designed to provide a basic overview of all of Moen's shower valve options to help identify which valve you are working with, as well as troubleshooting information.

Moen Standard Shower Valve

Product Line

Overview of Moen Valve Models

U by Moen™ Shower

Digital thermostatic with computer and mobile app-controlled temperature and flow.

ExactTemp® ¾” Thermostatic Valve

Mechanical thermostatic control.

Moentrol® Valve

Pressure-balancing volume control valve.

Two- or Three-Function Moentrol Valve

Volume and temperature control across multiple outlets. Handle pulls out to adjust flow and rotates from hot to cold.

Posi-Temp® Valve

Pressure-balancing cycling valve.

Two- or Three-Function Transfer Valve

Directs water flow to spray outlets.

Comparison Chart

See side-by-side comparisons on our valve comparison chart.

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There are a variety of terms attached to valve function. Here are quick-reference definitions for a few of the most common:


Protects users from "shower shock" due to a sudden change in either hot- or cold-water pressure elsewhere in the plumbing system (i.e., toilet flush). Pressure-balancing valves are designed to detect the pressure drop and automatically adjust the flow of water to maintain a consistent water temperature.


These valves use a device to keep temperature consistent. They typically require a separate volume-control function, such as a transfer valve.

Cycling Valve

Turns on and off, cycling counter clockwise from cold (6 o'clock) to hot (9 o'clock). Does not provide volume control.

Volume Control

Allows the user to adjust water flow rates as other plumbing fixtures connected to the line are in use.

Helpful Resources

Visit our troubleshooting guide or watch a video tutorial for installation advice and guidance.
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