Prep Your Home for a Stress-Free Holiday
Prep Your Home for a Stress-Free Holiday

Prep Your Home for a Stress-Free Holiday

’Tis the season for house guests! Many Canadians will be traveling near and far to visit friends and family during the holiday season. So, how do you ensure it’s the most wonderful time of the year for guests and hosts, alike? Don’t wait until the last minute to tidy up; instead, prepare your home with these helpful tips.

Prepare Your Home for Holiday Season

Cooking Cleanup Essentials

Before your guests arrive, make sure your kitchen, specifically your faucet, are up to the task of holiday hosting because when it comes to big meals, your faucet’s cleanup performance is crucial.

For extra help at the sink, consider upgrading to Moen’s Weymouth pulldown kitchen faucet, which offers a charming, timeless design that embodies the fresh farmhouse look. Additionally, the faucet is equipped with Moen’s Power Boost spray technology, which fills containers faster and provides 50 percent more spray power versus Moen faucets without the Power Boost or Power Clean technologies, for a quicker clean-up with the push of a button.

Weymouth Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Offers Powerful Cleanup Performance

Gorgeous Guest Bathroom

The powder room and guest bath are perhaps the most heavily trafficked areas of the home during the holiday season. An easy way to make a functional yet stylish statement is by updating the bathroom faucet. For a unique, mixed metal look, consider the Fusion finish series from Moen. Available on the Via bathroom suite, the dual-tone faucets feature individual components in both Matte Black and Chrome finishes, giving the appearance of a surface etched clean to create crisp edges. The collection offers a striking look that is sure to leave your holiday visitors impressed.

Gorgeous Guest Bathroom with Via Faucet

Hotel Hospitality

Ensure your guests get the VIP treatment by prepping bedrooms with crisp linens, cozy blankets and a plush mattress topper. Make it easy for them to acclimate to the unfamiliar space by adding a night light. Not only is it an easy way to keep visitors from falling in the middle of night, it also provides extra comfort for young ones who may not travel often. To make guests truly feel at home, provide a small basket of packaged treats, like granola bars and bottled water, at the bedside.

Home VIP Hospitality

Winter Weather Prep

The added stress of friends and family visiting may not be the only thing taking a toll on your home’s plumbing this holiday season. As temperatures drop, the risk of pipes freezing and bursting increase substantially. To prevent potentially catastrophic water damage in your home, consider installing a smart water valve, like Flo by Moen

Flo By Moen Smart Home Water Monitoring And Leak Detection System

Comprised of a Wi-Fi connected device installed on the main water supply line going into the home, Flo by Moen connects to a smartphone app that calculates water pressure, flow rate and temperature within your house’s water supply system. The temperature sensors provide early warnings if water in your home’s water supply system is approaching freezing, helping to avoid burst pipes. In the instance a catastrophic issue is detected, Flo by Moen can be set to automatically shut off the water to protect your house from flooding.

Flo by Moen Mobile Alerts

By swapping just one or two items – like your thermostat or your builder-grade kitchen faucet – you can achieve a sleek, smart home. And while the return on investment varies for each product, they’re all sure to appeal to tech-loving home buyers whenever you choose to sell.