What kind of cleaner can I use on my LifeShine® faucet?

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The LifeShine can be cleaned with most household cleaners (including mild abrasives), when used according to the manufacturers' instructions for use. Avoid using any cleaners or pads/sponges that are unsafe for polished metallic surfaces. Most green, fibrous pads or sponges contain microscopic mineral particles that can scratch a faucet's finish, including LifeShine finishes. Cleaner manufacturers may change their formulations at any time; therefore, Moen does not recommend any specific cleanser. Immediately after cleaning your faucet, wash off remaining cleanser with water. To remove water spots, use a soft, damp cloth. We also suggest a periodic application of a quality, non-abrasive wax such as car wax or furniture wax. For faucets with clear knob style handles, cleaners should be approved for acrylics.