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Designed to Put Itself Away

Everything has its place, especially in the kitchen. And with Reflex®, you get all the benefits of a flexible hose, plus the convenience of a spray head that retracts fully and securely.

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Engineered to
Move with You

Through extensive testing in real users' homes, Moen's team of engineers and designers developed a faucet that allows for easy maneuverability, retracting and secure docking.


Every part of a Reflex faucet works in unison as a complete system of innovations. The flexible hose moves with you to make your everyday tasks more convenient.

Easier to use & extend than other faucets

Self-Retracting Action

The hose effortlessly returns to its original position, docking smoothly and securely.

Smooth & Secure Docking

Reflex automatically retracts from any distance and angle, and returns on its own, naturally.


Pulldown or Pullout with Reflex:

Which One is Right for You?

Pulldown Faucets

  • Extra work space from the high arc spout gives you the most clearance for bulky pots
  • Available in a variety of style choices, including traditional, transitional and modern
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Pullout Faucets

  • Mid arc height clearance for filling large pots while still conserving space
  • Self-retracting and secure docking
  • A larger, ergonomic handle and aerated stream/spray pushbuttons at your finger tips
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