Power Boost™

Faster Clean. Faster Fill.

Boost the performance of your kitchen faucet with the push of a button. Power Boost fills containers faster and provides 50% more spray power* for quicker clean-up. Moen's game-changing Power Boost innovation helps homeowners maximize their time at the sink, offering improved functionality at their fingertips.

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Moen Power Boost

Boosted Stream

Faster fill.

Boosted Stream fills pots and pitchers faster.

Boosted Spray

Faster clean.

Boosted Spray cleans 50% faster* saving time and energy at the sink.

Moen Power Boost

Benefits of Power Boost

Boosted performance when you need it

Boosted water performance

With the push of a button, Boosted Spray cleans 50% faster*, while Boosted Stream fills pots and pitchers faster.

Convenience and Efficiency

Now, filling coffee pots and lemonade pitchers doesn’t feel like forever.

Faster Cleanup

Tackle sticky, caked-on messes in half the time* with the push of a button

MotionSense Wave

Wave on, wave off.

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MotionSense Wave


It’s a snap to use.™

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*Versus Moen pullout and pulldown faucets without Power Clean™ or Power Boost™ technology.