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Moen First to Introduce Smart Technology for Whole-Home Connected Water Product Suite


Oakville, OntarioNow more than ever consumers are demanding technology be incorporated into their lives, and into their homes, allowing them to have more control over their every day. While smart technology has expanded across all product categories in the home, one of the most used resources in our home has been overlooked… until now. Moen is leading the way in giving consumers total control over the water that flows through their home with the Moen portfolio of whole-home smart water products and the new Moen App. 

Moen’s smart water products not only look beautiful, but integrate seamlessly into the home, respond more intuitively, and give homeowners the ability to manage water all from the palm of their hand—providing them with comfort, security, conservation, and the opportunity to reduce the spread of germs by offering completely touchless experiences.  

Moen smart home products and corresponding smartphone app provide consumers with unmatched benefits, including:

  • Automated water security. While homeowners go about their day, the Flo by Moen smart water security system is working in the background, 24/7, to monitor for water risks and leaks and can automatically take action to notify the user, shut off water and protect the home.
  • Water education. Homeowners can now monitor water utilization, room by room, where Moen smart water devices are located. This data also helps users set conservation goals and be more mindful of resources.
  • Personalized experiences. Within the app, users can set custom presets that control the exact temperature and amount of water dispensed by their faucet, as well as customize the perfect shower to elevate their daily routines with the push of a button or sound of their voice.
  • Voice activation. Users can seamlessly connect their Moen smart water devices to their existing smart home platform and use their smart speakers to activate fixtures, control water temperatures and dispense precise measurements for completely touchless interactions.


Oftentimes, homeowners don’t pay close attention to water issues – such as frozen pipes, leaks or catastrophic flooding – until it’s too late as these problems are occurring behind the wall, under an appliance or in the basement. With Moen’s automated monitoring and water shut-off features working 24/7 in the background, homeowners can help prevent the unexpected knowing their homes are being monitored for leaks and potential pipe bursts that could cause catastrophic damage.  

If a homeowner has both a U by Moen™ Smart Faucet and a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, the products will be able to work together to help prevent a catastrophic water event. For example, in the case of extreme cold temperatures, a homeowner can use the Moen App to turn off water to the home and purge the water lines with one click to help prevent water damage or a burst pipe. This is only the beginning. Moen has even more exciting features and integrations planned to further enhance users’ whole-home water experiences.

“The kind of whole-home water control Moen has developed is an industry first,” said Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group. “By connecting people to their water through technology in one integrated app, we’re providing a real value by making water work smarter to meet needs of users, protect them from leaks and waste and enable them to live a better lifestyle.”

Products compatible with the Moen App, include:

U by Moen Smart Faucet:

U by Moen Smart Faucet technology makes everyday interactions in the kitchen more convenient and efficient. The fastest-growing smart faucet on the market offers completely touchless functionality and endless possibilities with intuitive voice-controlled technology to help homeowners complete tasks in the kitchen with precision—all through their smart speaker or existing smart home platform. The faucet also provides three additional ways to operate the faucet, including touchless sensor control, handle control, and through the Moen App to further simplify kitchen tasks.

The U by Moen Smart Faucet technology is available on a variety of fixture styles, in several finishes sure to suit any design taste. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms.

Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System:

Flo by Moen is a revolutionary, smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect a home from water damage and leaks, 24/7. With the Moen App, consumers also get an unprecedented ability to control, conserve and monitor their home’s water from just about anywhere at any time. Products include:

Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff — a best-selling leak detection and water monitoring device that’s installed on the water lines going into the home and can automatically turn off the water to the home if a leak or risk are detected. The Smart Water Shutoff provides automated water security by monitoring water pressure, flow rate, and ambient temperature, while running daily Health Tests to check for leaks and other abnormalities. If the Shutoff senses a home has a leak or is at risk, it will alert the homeowner so they can take action through the app, or the device can be set to close the water valve automatically and help prevent catastrophic damage.

Flo by Moen Smart Water Detectors — a standalone sensor that can be placed anywhere in a home to alert homeowners when and where it detects moisture outside of the pipes to help prevent water damage and loss due to a fixture malfunction or environmental factors.

Whether working together or used individually, Flo by Moen smart water products are designed to give homeowners the power to monitor, control and conserve water in the home all from their smartphone.

U by Moen Smart Shower:

U by Moen Smart Shower is a next-generation Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower that offers mobile connectivity and unmatched personalization, providing homeowners countless ways to create their ideal showering experience, with three choices to control the shower: voice activation, smartphone app and an in-shower controller. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit platforms.

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