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A Smart, Stylish Upgrade for Your Kitchen: Moen Expands Line of Touchless U by Moen™ Smart Kitchen Faucets with Additional Design Options


Oakville, OntarioMoen, the leader in smart water technology, is expanding its line of U by Moen Smart Kitchen Faucets with additional design options, giving consumers the best of both hands-free functionality and style at the sink. A CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Best of Innovation Honoree, the U by Moen Smart Faucet offers convenience, precision and intuitive touchless and voice-activation technology to help complete tasks in the kitchen, while also offering a myriad of style options to suit almost any design aesthetic – with four new additional styles in 2021: Belfield, KURV, Sinema and Sarai.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between the style you want and the functionality you need when it comes to selecting a kitchen faucet – and with the U by Moen Smart Faucet, you don’t have to,” said Emily Martis, senior product manager, smart kitchen and bath, Moen. “The U by Moen Smart Faucet is available in a wide range of designs and finishes to help any homeowner achieve their desired aesthetic, while also providing innovative technology that makes everyday tasks easier, from filling the dog bowl to the coffee pot. You can even ask the Smart Faucet to wash your hands - which we know is an important action we can take to help protect our health - and you'll be guided through proper handwashing procedure, with time to scrub for 20 seconds, on command."

How the U by Moen Smart Faucet Works:

Users are able to control their U by Moen Smart Faucet in four ways:

  • Voice control allows users to start and stop water flow as well as perform specific tasks on command through their digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.
  • A Wave Sensor positioned at the front of the faucet turns water on or off with a simple hand movement.
  • The handle on the side of the faucet offers manual operation, letting users adjust flow and temperature.
  • Through the Moen smartphone app, users can set unlimited personalized presets or start and stop water delivery with the push of a button.


The U by Moen Smart Faucet is the only voice-activated kitchen faucet on the commercial market to offer voice- and hands-free activation regardless of the faucet’s manual handle position. Voice service and hands-free control will start or stop the water flow, dispensing the desired temperature and amount, whether the faucet handle is in the open or closed position, and despite manual temperature selection with the handle.

Using Voice Commands:

To control the U by Moen Smart Faucet with their voice, users simply ask Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn the water on or off, as well as dispense precise measurements and temperatures. Once they have created personalized presets in the Moen App, homeowners only need to state the name of the preset within the command.

Voice-activated capabilities include:

  • Metered dispensing in fractional metric and non-metric measurements from one tablespoon (15 millilitre) up to 15 gallons (56 litres)
  • Exact and generic temperature commands: “105 degrees” and “hot water” or “cold water”
  • Combined metered and temperature requests: “1/2 cup of 105-degree water” or “Two ounces of hot water”
  • User-customized presets created within the Moen App: “Baby Bottle” or “Dog Bowl”
  • A new “wash hands” command: when issued, the water turns on, then pauses for 20 seconds while a user scrubs their hands, thus encouraging both more complete handwashing as well as saving water.


Additionally, preheat commands will warm or cool the water to the desired generic or specific temperature, then pause the flow of water until users re-engage the faucet. As the water temperature changes, the hands-free sensor on the faucet will evolve from blue, purple and red, indicating the system is warming up or cooling down to reach the desired water temperature. When the water is ready, the sensor lights will stop flashing and turn solid. Users will know the command has worked as the voice speaker will reply indicating the desired activity has been completed and the flow of water will start or stop.

A Style for Everyone:

While it’s not uncommon for smart home appliances to have a modern-leaning aesthetic, the U by Moen technology is available in an unprecedented range of kitchen faucet designs and finishes to suit consumers’ varying styles and budgets. Whether homeowners are designing a modern masterpiece or prefer to take a more traditional route, Moen has the perfect product to meet their needs, with four new additions to the line this year – the traditionally styled Belfield pulldown faucet; eye-catching, nature-inspired KURV pulldown faucet; Art Deco-esque Sinema pulldown faucet; and soft modern Sarai pulldown faucet. The full line of U by Moen Smart Faucets includes:

  • Modern: Align® pulldown faucet, Nio pulldown faucet, New! Sarai pulldown faucet, Sleek pulldown faucet, STō® pulldown faucet
  • Transitional: Arbor® pulldown faucet, Essie pulldown faucet, New! KURV pulldown faucet, Paterson pulldown faucet, New! Sinema pulldown faucet
  • Traditional: New! Belfield pulldown faucet, Brantford® pulldown faucet, Weymouth® pulldown faucet


About the Moen App:

Users also can control their smart kitchen faucet through the Moen App, a whole home smart-water ecosystem that connects consumers to their water and will allow control of all of their Moen connected products in one platform - including the U by Moen Smart Faucet and Smart Shower, as well as the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System.

The Moen App allows for the creation of a practically unlimited number of presets to simplify operation, setting both temperature and volume to make voice commands easier.

Additionally, consumers’ water usage can be monitored and communicated through the smartphone app to help homeowners understand their daily consumption so they can make changes, if they like, to improve their water footprint. Examples of information provided include historic data and recent interactions, reporting on the amount of water dispensed, at what temperature and the control method used to dispense it.

If a homeowner has both a U by Moen Smart Faucet and a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, the products will be able to work together to help prevent a catastrophic water event. For example, in the case of extreme cold temperatures, a homeowner can use the Moen App to turn off water to the home and purge the water lines with one click to help prevent water damage or a burst pipe.

The Moen interactive iOS/Android smartphone app is available as a free download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The U by Moen Smart Faucet features Moen’s best-in-class warranty* to ensure superior quality.

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