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Kitchen Messes No More: Moen Offers Complete Line of Garbage Disposals to Conquer Cleanup for Any Cooking Style

Oakville, Ontario…  Whether you’re practically a five-star chef, or prefer to order takeout, Moen offers a complete line of garbage disposals sure to suit any homeowner’s needs in the kitchen, effectively tackling messes both big and small.

“When it comes to choosing a garbage disposal, it’s all about how you use it,” says Chris Nealon, senior product manager, garbage disposals, Moen. “If you love to cook complicated recipes, you want the disposal with the strongest cleanup power possible. But if you’re not big on cooking from scratch, a lighter model may be right for you.”

Moen offers four different series of garbage disposals, each especially designed to suit specific uses in the kitchen:

  • The Chef Series (1 Horsepower): Designed for those who love to get creative in the kitchen and need the strongest cleanup possible. Successfully cleans up foods like raw and cooked meat, asparagus, corncobs, chicken bones and large fruit pits
  • The Host Series (3/4 Horsepower): Ideal for those who frequently cook for guests and need advanced cleanup power. Great for cleaning up foods like small fruit pits, lemon rinds, banana peels and cooked meat.
  • The Prep Series (1/2 Horsepower): Created for those who slice, dice and peel as part of basic meal prep and need a little more help with cleanup. Perfect for cleaning up foods like celery, potato peels and seeds.
  • The Lite Series (1/3 Horsepower): Developed for those who rarely cook from scratch and just want cleanup to be simple. Just right to clean up items like soft foods, fruit skins and cereal.


Whether choosing the most advanced power or a lighter model, homeowners will benefit from the innovative features offered on Moen® garbage disposals – such as the brand-new 360˚ Clean Rinse splash guard, which helps eliminate unwanted odors around the kitchen sink. Standard on most Moen garbage disposals starting in 2021, this exclusive Moen technology rinses food scraps away more effectively and eliminates “sink stink” caused by food particles.

In addition, all Moen garbage disposals offer VORTEX permanent magnet motor technology, which quickly and powerfully grinds food scraps. The VORTEX motor also provides fast revolutions per minute (RPM) which can help to reduce jamming. Plus, more food down the disposal means less in the landfill.

Installation of Moen garbage disposals is simple and intuitive. The Universal Xpress Mount fits all Moen and most existing three-bolt garbage disposal mounting assemblies*, and a power cord is included with each Moen disposal, eliminating the need to purchase separately or hard wire a power supply under the sink.

For a quieter experience at the sink, Moen’s SoundSHIELD insulation on select units helps deaden disposal sound levels while you grind food waste.

“Cleanup is often the worst part of cooking,” adds Nealon. “Our disposals were designed to make everyday tasks easier, so you can look forward to making a meal for you and your family. Rest assured – whether it’s a simple bowl of cereal or a five-course dinner – Moen has cleanup covered.”

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