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Experience Pure Relaxation with the New Moen® Aromatherapy Handshower


Oakville, Ontario . . . Whether you’re fresh off a workout or feeling stressed from work, the best way to wash away the day is with a luxurious shower. Moen, the leader in water experiences in the home, is giving consumers the opportunity to enhance their “me” time with the new Moen® Aromatherapy Handshowers with INLY Technology.

The Moen Aromatherapy Handshowers are uniquely designed with the ability to infuse essential oils directly into the water flow to create an incredible and sensory shower experience, when desired. The INLY Shower Capsules slide into an infusion dial on the showerhead to allow users to then select a preferred dilution setting – high, medium, low or off – to diffuse the running water with essential oils in one of four spa-inspired fragrances to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

“At Moen, we’re devoted to elevating everyday encounters with water – not only with smart technology but through wellness innovation – and we continue to deliver new products to help consumers mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead,” said Garry Scott, vice president, marketing and eCommerce, Moen Canada.  “The name INLY is derived from the word ‘inwardly,’ which refers to the idea of introspection and prioritizing your inner self, and the Moen Aromatherapy Handshowers can help users focus on themselves through the power of aromatherapy without deviating from their daily routine.”

To create the aromatherapy experience, Moen partnered with INLY, a brand owned by the French corporation SkinJay, to adapt their inventive technology and make it available for the North American consumer. The INLY fragrance capsules will be made in France with essential oils curated by master perfumer, Jean-Charles Sommerard. INLY fragrances go through the highest-level of dermatological testing. Additionally, the essential oils will not leave scented or oily residue on the tub, hair or skin.

“Scents play a powerful role in our mental state and impact our emotional well-being, from relaxation to reinvigoration, and each of these fragrances have been specially composed to provide specific sensory experiences,” said Sommerard. “Warm water dilates the pores, allowing you to enjoy the various benefits of the essential oils both on the body and through inhalation. After the shower, you can linger a little longer in the olfactory bubble that will persist in the bathroom to continue this moment of luxury.”  

INLY capsules feature four spa-inspired fragrances, which include:

  • Zen Time: With essential oils of lavender, tea tree and vanilla
  • Energetic Morning: With essential oils of lemon, scots pine and cistus
  • Sweet Morning: With essential oils of red berries, geranium and vanilla
  • Tropical Day: With essential oils of lemongrass, neroli and vanilla 

The Aromatherapy Handshower can be used with or without the INLY aromatherapy shower capsules, and offers six spray setting – massage, relaxing massage, wide coverage, downpour, intensify and rinse – for optimal pressure and excellent coverage. The handshowers also feature Moen’s innovative Magnetix™ technology. Showerheads with Magnetix offer a powerful magnetic dock that allows for easy release of the handshower, as well as a secure return back into place, even with your eyes closed. All showerheads can be installed with existing plumbing.


The shower also features Moen’s limited lifetime warranty** to ensure superior quality.

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