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Moen Introduces First-Ever Combination Showerhead with Innovative Magnetix™ Technology

Oakville, Ontario... No matter your showering style, Moen has you covered. Its new Attract® Combination Handshower and Rainshower with Magnetix™ is the first combination showerhead to feature the brand's innovative magnetic docking technology.

"Showerheads with Magnetix offer a powerful magnetic dock that allows for easy release of the handshower, and a secure return back into place, even with your eyes closed," said Garry Scott, vice president, marketing and eCommerce, Moen Canada. "With the introduction of Magnetix, we transformed the way people use handshowers, making them simpler and more intuitive to use. We wanted to take this technology and provide even more options for consumers... creating the best of both worlds, a combination showerhead with Magnetix technology, was the logical next step."

The Attract combination showerhead features not one, but three, showering options within a single fixture. The three-way diverter allows consumers to use the rainshower and handshower separately. Or, they can combine them together for maximum coverage, depending on individual preferences.

And, the personalization doesn't stop there. The handshower offers six high-performance spray options, all with optimized pressure ranging from massage to combinations of soft and forceful full-rinse sprays, easily changed with the switch of a dial. The handshower also features a pause/trickle button to momentarily stop water flow when needed. A flexible, kink-free, 60-inch metal hose provides enhanced reach in the tub or shower, simplifying bathing children, washing pets and cleaning the shower.

Installation is effortless, too. The showerhead fits most standard shower arms -- so it's quickly installed using existing plumbing.

"Not only does the new Attract combination showerhead offer the benefits of magnetic docking, it also provides countless ways to customize," added Scott. "Consumers no longer have to choose between the full flow of a rainshower or the convenient functionality of a handshower -- they can have it all."


Magnetix™ Technology
Handshowers with Magnetix feature an innovative docking system. The showerhead detaches effortlessly, then returns with a telltale snap that lets users know it's docked securely.

The showerhead also features Moen's limited lifetime warranty* to ensure superior quality.

*For complete warranty information, visit Important exclusions apply. Warranty only applies to original purchaser.


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