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Oakville, Ontario... Homeowners now have more options to consider when looking to enhance their showering experience. Moen is launching several new showerheads in the popular Enliven™ and Inspire™ lines that feature multi-setting fixed, handheld and rainshower showerheads, as well as a combination model.

"By offering consumers more options, we're giving them the opportunity to customize both the style and functionality of their shower," said Peter Fealy, vice president, sales and marketing, Moen Canada. "These new products offer an abundance of high performance sprays that enables users to create their ideal shower."

Enliven Shower Collection
Showerheads available as part of the Enliven collection include a rainshower showerhead with nine-inch spray face that will upgrade the look of the shower, and deliver exceptional water coverage. The Enliven rainshower showerhead features Immersion® Technology, which is Moen's self-pressurizing system that channels water into a circular pattern for consistent, substantial water pressure. This collection also includes a shower combination -- containing both a multi-function hand shower and the nine-inch rainshower showerhead -- which features a three-way diverter to allow users to easily switch from the rainshower to the handheld -- or use both showerheads together. The hand shower offers seven-spray settings for a customized shower experience, and a 60-inch, kink-free metal hose provides easy maneuverability in and around the shower.

Inspire Shower Collection
Inspire showerhead options are comprised of a three- and seven-function handheld and five-function fixed showerhead; each featuring a spray selector that makes it easy to change from one setting to another. The hand shower settings include a "Relaxing" wide spray, "Invigorating" concentrated spray and "Refreshing" combination spray, while the five-setting fixed showerhead offers both energizing massage and targeted massage settings. Additionally, the spiral-patterned spray face provides full body coverage that envelops the user in invigorating water sprays no matter the spray setting.

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