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Oakville, Ontario... Adding on to the bath is an exciting prospect for many homeowners, but the reality of a full-scale bath remodel is time consuming and expensive. Now, Moen Canada is offering an easy way to "annex" added functionality to the shower, for a simple -- yet impactful -- upgrade to the bath. The new Annex™ Shower Rail allows homeowners to simply and stylishly add on a hand shower and slide bar to their existing shower plumbing -- without tearing through a finished wall, delivering a better experience at a fraction of the cost.

This new system works with any shower valve, shower arm, showerhead or hand shower. It easily attaches to the current shower arm connection point in the wall, and features a built-in, two-function diverter to simply switch from showerhead to hand shower. Plus, its clean, modern design offers a preferred style for homeowners and designers, alike.

Installation Benefits
The Annex Shower Rail stands apart from other systems in several ways:

  • More secure: the secure and flexible mounting system meets ADA pull-force requirements, up to 250 pounds
  • More accommodating: Annex doesn't alter the height of the showerhead, meaning it can work in any existing installation without worrying about ceiling height
  • Easier to install: 2 1/2-inch horizontal adjustability is wider than other shower rails to accommodate varying wall thicknesses
  • More flexibility: Moen's shower rail provides the flexibility to add any shower arm -- including the provided arm -- showerhead and hand shower, to create your desired look and shower experience

Key Facts:

  • Finish: Chrome
  • Availability: Wholesale plumbing showrooms
  • Secure and flexible mounting system meets ADA pull-force requirement (250 lbs.)


The Moen Annex Shower Rail features Moen's limited lifetime warranty* to ensure superior quality.

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