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Oakville, Ontario... When it comes to designing kitchen and bathroom fixtures, circular shapes have long been the go-to for designers. Round spray faces of showerheads... circular or oval escutcheon plates... cylindrical faucet bases and spouts. But today, there's a new shape emerging in the kitchen and bath and Moen's Industrial Design team is letting everyone know that it's now hip to be square.

"Previously, mainstream designs included more geometric cylinders, while square shapes were viewed as more niche," explains Steven Ward, director of global design, Moen. "Today, as consumers are continuously becoming more adventurous in their home designs, manufacturers are responding to these desires... thus the increased offerings of square details, in everything from fixtures and furniture to accessories and wallpaper."

Think the hard angles of a square only fit within contemporary décor? Think again. Moen's faucet lines offer a variety of square shapes that fit within all style categories: Traditional, Transitional and Modern. Pure square geometry, softer pillowed squares or a mix of geometric square forms can work within any home's design.

Square shapes that lend themselves to traditional designs take cues from the elegance and glamour of the 1920s or 1930s Art Deco environment, where shapes tended to be more rectilinear rather than curvilinear. Moen's Rothbury™ and Boardwalk™ collections are both examples of this vintage design, mixing classic lines with square, linear edges and square-shaped spouts. In the shower, Moen's Mosaic™ Flushmount body sprays -- available in both single- and multi-function -- offer a square shape that blends seamlessly into the shower surface.

"Transitional designs featuring squares can be casual or glamourous," explained Ward. "The square shapes tend to be softened or have a profile with a swept form and limited detailing. Early Hollywood is one inspiration for the more glamourous designs."

Moen's Voss™ kitchen and bath collections are excellent examples of a transitional square design. The new Voss pullout kitchen faucet, for instance, features crisp, square-shaped edges that can work in kitchens ranging from modern to Mission styles - depending on the chosen finish. In a Chrome finish, Voss exudes a modern look, while the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish would be ideal in a Mission, Rustic or Arts & Crafts style kitchen.

Similarly, Moen's Curved Shower Rods previously only featured a variety of circular-shaped decorative endcaps. Now, a newly designed square-shaped endcap will add a bit of flair to the shower area, while complementing the geometric details in the faucets and accessories.

The clean, straight lines often associated with modern design makes the square form more common in these product styles. But in today's modern designs, the square shape can be pure or mixed with other geometric forms. Moen's STō® pulldown kitchen faucet follows this cue, offering a distinctive combination of geometric lines featuring a tubular, high-arc spout mixed with strong, cube-shaped base.

"We pride ourselves on offering the most on-trend products to meet our customers' needs," added Ward. "And while circular shapes will never go out of style, you'll see a variety of square shapes entering our product lines."

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