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Oakville, Ontario... The new Magnetix™ handheld shower collection from Moen is a snap to use. Magnetix hand showers, Engage™ and Attract™, are the first Moen products to feature an innovative and powerful magnetic dock to allow for easy release, while also securely snapping the hand shower back into place.

"Magnetix is an innovation that was truly designed with the consumer in mind," said Peter Fealy, vice president, sales and marketing, Moen Canada. "Not only does the Magnetix handheld shower feature superior spray performance, docking the handheld shower is now easier and more intuitive thanks to the integrated magnet. This revolutionary handheld literally snaps back into place even if your eyes are closed and it can help those with limited arm mobility easily complete this task."

The magnetic dock of Magnetix hand showers lowers the height of the handheld for consumers that are shorter or prefer to be seated in the shower. It also reduces arm motion so users can now simply extend the arm straight out to dock in one motion -- rather than having to stabilize the handheld within a standard shower arm cradle. Since the magnet eliminates the need for a cradle, the hand showers also feature a more streamlined appearance and reduce clutter.

Engage and Attract with Magnetix offer transitional styling to coordinate with most bathroom décor. Additionally, consumers can maximize their shower experience by switching between six high-performance spray options and have the choice of two different options -- one that features a dial to easily change between settings, and another that features a push-button. Each handheld optimizes pressure ranging from massage to combinations of soft and forceful full-rinse sprays to offer customization and meet any shower preference.

In addition to providing exceptional water coverage the Magnetix hand showers include a flexible, kink-free, 60-inch metal hose for greater reach in the tub or shower -- allowing users to accomplish other tasks such as bathing children, washing pets and cleaning the shower with ease.

Magnetix hand showers are available in Chrome and Moen's exclusive Spot Resist&trad; Brushed Nickel finish -- the number one selling spot resistant finish -- which helps resist fingerprints and water spots to maintain the brilliance of the fixture.

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