Unfortunately, fashion doesn’t always follow function when it comes to environmentally conscious products. But in today’s world, homeowners shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to help out Mother Earth. From reducing water waste to controlling power usage, here are five well-designed, eco-friendly products that not only look good, but do good, too. 

1. Nebia® Spa Shower 2.0

The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 saves up to 65 percent of the water used in a conventional shower, while providing a sleek, contemporary look in the bath. This stylish, adjustable shower fixture features a patented technology which creates millions of tiny droplets, increasing the surface area of the spray by as much as ten times compared to that of a standard shower (think steam-room-meets-shower), creating a luxurious experience while using less water.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 Water Efficient Shower

2. Velvetwire Powerslayer®

Ordinary wall chargers continue to deliver power to your device even after the battery is fully juiced, wasting lots of energy. The Velvetwire Powerslayer has built-in circuitry that detects when your phone or tablet is fully charged and then cuts off the power, saving electricity. Plus, the plug-in features a cool geometric pattern on the front and is available in four colors.

3. Coyuchi® Sheets

For those who are eco-conscious but want their bed to feel like a luxurious sanctuary, look no further than these organic sateen sheets from Coyuchi. As a company, Coyuchi is dedicated to sustainability, using only natural fibres, processing materials minimally and utilizing environmentally friendly packaging methods. Choose from an array of colors to coordinate perfectly with your bedroom’s décor.

4. U by Moen™ Digital Shower

If you wake up your kids or do a “quick” Instagram scroll while waiting for your shower to heat up, you’re probably wasting significant H2O. The U by Moen™ smart shower not only allows homeowners to personalize their shower experience through precise temperature control, but it also can help you save water with a unique “warm up and pause” feature. The digital shower reaches your desired temperature, then pauses the water flow until you’re ready to get in to avoid wasting water. The shower works with your choice of Moen’s fixtures so consumers can create their desired design style in the shower. Plus, the controller is available in a new on-trend Matte Black finish. 

U by Moen Smart Shower

5. Ecobee4™

We didn’t know thermostats could be so attractive. Not only does the sleek ecobee4 fit right in with modern design aesthetics, it’s ENERGY STAR® certified so you know it’s good for you and the planet. This smart thermostat helps manage hot or cold spots, offers built-in Amazon Alexa integration and even comes with a remote sensor that you can use in another room (score!). 

With these eye-catching products, style and sustainability go hand in hand. Saving the planet never looked so good.