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3 Ways to Win with Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

Based on recent design trends and forecasts, wallpaper is back and here to stay. For homeowners who feel unsure about adding a design element like wallpaper to a home, our advice is to start small. Adding a print to small, well-used rooms such as a bath or powder room is the perfect way to generate equal parts excitement and interest in the space. Below are three easy ways to create a stand-out bathroom design with wallpaper as the main attraction.

1. Elevate the Every Day

Have a great bath but missing a "luxe" factor? Wallpaper comes in minimal and textured varieties for those who are print and colour adverse; when used all over in a master bath, the room transforms into a spa-like haven. Up the expensive feel with shiny sink and tub fixtures to add extra sparkle.

Bathroom Wallpaper

2. Add a Pop of Personality

Leveraging a fun wallpaper in a powder room is a great way to experiment with colours and designs that may be too bold for the rest of the home. Up the ante with a mirror that pops (just be sure to keep the fixtures nice and neutral for balance).

Add a pop of personality with wallpaper

3. Highlight Your Bath's Best Features

Still can't commit to wallpaper on all four walls? Try choosing a simple, classic print for a single wall. By only putting wall paper on the main wall, the focal point of any bath—the mirror, vanity and fixtures get to take the spotlight.

Wallpaper Vanity Accessories
Wallpaper in the bathroom
Align Brushed Gold Tub Filler with Wallpaper Background

Wallpaper wins, particularly in a bathroom, for three reasons: it's an easy way to make a statement in otherwise overlooked small spaces; it's a great tool for adding personality into a home; and it's a cost-efficient way to try out trends without a large commitment.