Fixed, Handheld or Rain Showerhead?

What's the Best Douse for Your House: Fixed, Handheld or Rain Showerhead?

Moen doesn't play showerhead favourites: We make and sell them all. But we also want to help you pick the showering method that's right for you.

Fixed Showerhead

Let this fact wash over you: Over a 60-year span, the average adult spends 122 days—roughly 4 months—taking a shower, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Those under 45 years old prefer a rainshower and multiple showerheads, according to a 2014 Houzz survey. The over 55 crowd prefers a handheld showerhead.

The fixed showerhead is the time-honoured showerhead that's mounted to walls and typically features a small, adjustable nozzle that customizes the pattern and angle of shower water. In the range of showerheads, fixed are typically the most economical and easiest to install with an adjustable wrench and a roll of plumber's tape.

Moen's Via collection of 6-inch spray heads features a compact and contemporary design and PosiTemp, a control valve that helps maintain a steady water temperature and pressure to prevent sudden bursts of hot or cold water.

Moen fixed showerheads

Rainshower Showerhead

If you love the feel of raindrops falling on your head, then rainshower showerheads are made for you. These premium showerheads need a plumber's skill to install overhead. But the feeling of a steady, drenching spray cascading over your body makes rainshowers worth the extra money and space needed.

Moen's Velocity rainshower showerhead is 8 inches wide and features a lever that creates either a calming rain rinse or self-pressurized spray that produces three times more spray power than most rainshowers.

Install a rainshower showerhead

Have it all

There's no law saying you must pick just one showerhead. If you have a big enough shower stall, pamper yourself and combine them—maybe install a rainshower overhead, a handheld for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas, and two or three body sprays.

Moen's Mosaic flush-mount body sprays also have a mirror-like finish and adjustable heads that let you aim water wherever need extra soothing.

No matter which showerhead you choose, Moen can help you customize your shower experience so you can enjoy a little luxury each day.


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